We make every effort to ensure the correctness and integrity of the search function and the reports within xtra-eye. However, the automated mechanisms on which the xtra-eye searching and reports are based on may misbehave for reasons not under our control. Factors that may affect the correct extraction of entities include:

  • The source document's HTML structure;
  • Special characters that might have been inadvertently included in the document's text;
  • Etc.

If you find an instance where our entity extractors clearly didn't work as they should have, please let us know, and we will gladly look into it.


1. How many types of accounts does xtra-eye have?

There is one main account belonging to the manager which allows the creating of subordinate accounts belonging to other team members.

2. What are the differences between the main account the subordinate accounts?

The main account is able to invite team members to open a number of subordinate accounts limited by the purchased plan and it is able to check on their activity.

Personal data

1. When opening an account, you ask for registration data. Is there any other reason than registering itself?

There is just one reason - registration. Your data is not shared whatsoever.

News flow

1. What is displayed within the news flow?

The news entered within the last 30 days from all your sources either RSS feeds or custom feeds.

2. May I have access to older news?

Yes. However, we keep news for only 1 year. In order for our customers not to experience processing issues we have to clean older than 1 year entries.

3. Is it possible to filter by multiple sources?

Yes, it is. You may check/uncheck the boxes alongside the chosen sources in order to filter/give up filtering.

4. Is it possible to filter by time interval?

Yes. You need to use the calendar on the left side of the panel, on top of the sources list.

5. Is it possible that news may not display the proper format or certain sources may cease to feed?

Sometimes it may happen if the RSS feed/custom feed format has been changed by the publisher. As we cannot influence the publishers internal decisions we can only advise you to go to "Content sources" once in a while, check on the old format of the sources` links and compare it to the format of the current RSS feed or the format of the link used to create the initial custom feed. In case you notice changes, please delete the old RSS feed/custom feed and replace it with the current format. It will start working again.

Some other times, the publisher moves the content of the link and allows other types of information to the particular link like index pages. There is nothing we can do to prevent this type of behavior.

6. How may I use "share by me" and "shared with me"?

Xtra-eye`s most important goals are to allow the creation of a relevant news flow by a sales team and to create informative habits within organization. Each member can add sources which benefit him and his colleagues. Also, each team member is able to share useful information with one or more colleagues (which will be displayed in "shared by me") as well as can receive useful information from colleagues (which will be displayed in "shared with me") by the "share" option alongside any piece of news displayed by xtra-eye.

Content sources

1. What is "Content sources"?

It is the list of RSS feeds/custom feeds that you introduced to xtra-eye, listed alphabetically.

2. What is "Add RSS source"?

This is one of the two options to add sources to your account. You simply need to choose the URL of the RSS feed and follow the steps to add it. In this regards, xtra-eye works like a RSS feed reader.

3. What is "Add non-RSS website content"?

This is the second options of creating sources and introducing them to your account. If you take interest in a source which does not have an already built RSS feed, you have the chance to create a custom one. There are 3 steps. The first is to choose an URL which contains links you are interested in, copy/paste it into the required field and press on "start". The URL will be loaded and its content displayed. The second step is to choose a link format "select article links and a title format "select titles". The selected items will be highlighted. Once selected, you need to press on "preview feed". A list of links and respective titles will be displayed. If you are happy with those, as a final step, you need to add a name to your custom feed and to press on "add source". Source is added. In case you want to load news right away, you need to find your new custom feed in the general source list, press on "Fetch now" and go to the news flow to read.

4. When building a custom feed, are the titles mandatory?

No. They are optional as to avoid possible pairing issues. Please, read question/answer no. 6 below.

5. Is it possible for "Add non-RSS website content" section not to load URLs?

Yes. Some websites are not HTML properly built. They may result into either not loading the URL or displaying it incomplete. If you encounter such a situation, please send an e-mail to We will try to work it around. In case we cannot find a proper solution or you want to avoid the hustle, please look for alternatives (other RSS feeds or different sources about your topic). You will definitely find other workable ones.

6. When trying to build a custom feed, is it possible to choose a link and a title format and still get an error?

Yes, it is possible. If you choose a link format and a title format that does not correspond in numbers of each category item (either more links than titles or titles than links) we cannot pair each link with a title. In this case, we advise you to press on "start over" as to restart the process of creating the custom feed and choose only links format this time.

7. Do I have to manually command the fetching from my sources?

No, it is done automatically. You need to press on the "fetch now" button next to the source name on the right side only if you want the source you have just introduced to feed the news flow instantly.

9. I have found some sources predefined when opening my account. How come?

We have predefined some sources as to help you understand the xtra-eye working with. It would have been inappropriate entering your account and not being able to easily understand its functioning due to news flow and reports being not populated. However, you are free to keep or remove them.

10. Let's suppose I have a large list of sources and need to either check on the link or delete a source. How can I get to it without having to scroll all the way?

You simply need to click on the source name located below any entry title in the news flow.

11. What is a premium source?

Publishers would like to offer premium information to you. You will find such offers listed here.

12. Do I have to pay for special offers and, if so, to whom?

Yes. You will have to pay to gain access to premium information. You will have to pay directly to the publisher. Xtra-eye does not change anything but the fee of your currently chosen plan.

13. I have paid and have an URL from publisher. Now, what?

Once you have a premium URL from the publisher, you will have to create a custom feed by going to "Add non-RSS website content" in order to feed the news flow with the respective information.

14. I noticed that even though I have not selected any source, the new flow is populated. Why is that?

Unlike keywords, which need to be selected in order to filter news, if no source selected, all of them are considered selected and feed the news flow. Once selected, only the source/sources selected will be feeding the news flow.

15. May I group sources?

Yes, you may. When more than one source selected, a grouping field will be displayed below. Once a name chosen, the group is created.

16. Once introduced, should I attend the "Content sources" anymore?

If you notice a certain source that seems not providing entries properly, please check if the RSS/link format you introduced is the same. If not, you have to delete the respective source and introduce the new format. It is advised that you perform this sort of checking from time in time. Publishers use change their formats once in a while.

17. When entering the account for the first time, I noticed a number of sources which I could have not introduced myself.

These are predefined sources introduced by us in order for you to be able to use xtra-eye prior to defining your own sources and learn how to use them this way. You may choose to delete the predefined anytime.


1. I noticed different messages within the search field on different pages. What is it all about?

We have implemented a suggesting tool which allows shortcut to your already defined keywords, sources and saved searches. If selected (keyword, source, saved search) it will behave as described below:

  • keyword — it will filter the news by respective keyword
  • source — it will filter news by respective source
  • saved search — it will perform the saved search

If you use suggestions in the report page, it will filter the respective report according to what you have chosen as suggestion (keyword or source).

2. What is a "saved search"?

A "saved search" is a search which you decided to save for future reference as to quickly perform it in the future without typing the word/words again.


1. What are the keywords?

Keywords are terms that you find interesting and which are to be monitored. They may be names of customers, prospects, competition, industries etc. It may be anything that may provide you with information about your relevant market. Use your imagination to squeeze the maximum of information from your sources by the help of keywords.

2. Are keywords case sensitive?

Yes. They are case sensitive in order to help you locate information with maximum accuracy. Please, be careful when using capitals as they may narrow the results accordingly.

3. May the keywords be key phrases?

Yes. They can.

4. How is the keyword interacting with my sources?

Once introduced and selected, the keyword will be automatically searched for in the news and results displayed to you. You may see keywords highlighted.

5. May I select multiple keywords in order to save time?

You, you may. Simply select as many keywords as you need or even group them. You may even create groups of keywords for a quicker access to your info.

6. May I filter the news by multiple keywords & selected sources simultaneously in order to save time?

Yes, you may. Simply select as many keywords & sources as you need.

7. Once a link clicked on and the article opened, the keyword is not highlighted within the text. Why not? How can I spot it fast and easy?

Please, use the search function within your browser. Since we respect the publishers we will not modify the displaying of their content in any way.

8. When entering the account for the first time, I noticed a keyword which I could have not introduced myself.

This is a predefined keyword introduced by us in order for you to be able to use xtra-eye prior to defining your own keywords and learn how to use it this way. You may choose to delete the predefined anytime.


1. What is a report?

A report is the searching and displaying of a succession of business interest objects (people/organizations names, amounts, telephone numbers, e-mails, business titles and acronyms) during a time interval. We choose these objects as the most relevant in business and able to provide you with precious information about decision makers, business amounts, phone numbers or e-mails to address business matters, business titles and acronyms to further spot decision makers or people to contact. Once a report chosen, xtra-eye will search within the news flow and chronologically display the respective object found.

2. What is the main purpose of a report?

The purpose is saving the sales people time when getting to their relevant information. Time is precious for the sales people themselves and therefore for the management and the company employing them. Xtra-eye strives to providing leads with the least possible time spent searching for them.

3. I noticed the Linkedin logo alongside names. What is it all about?

Yes. There is a Linkedin searching integration. Its reason is to help sales people spotting decision makers or finding people able to lead to the decision makers. By clicking on it you will be able to Linkedin search that name. In order for your results to be as accurate as you expect, you may add some terms in the pop-up window following your click. If you get those terms from the news excerpt alongside the name, you will definitely improve the results accuracy (e.g. choose the contextual term which seems the closest to the name).

4. May a report be time filtered?

Yes, you may choose a time interval by using the calendar on the left side of the report panel.

5. Why do I have the keywords displayed on the report panel?

Here is where we wanted you to land. Select a keyword on the left panel and xtra-eye will search for the keyword and also correlate it with the object of the report. Example: I need to keep an eye on the people of a certain company named COMPANY. I have set COMPANY as keyword. Now, all I have to do is to choose "names: people, organizations etc" report, a time interval and select the keyword COMPANY. Xtra-eye will find news containing both names and the keyword COMPANY. I have achieved my purpose. I learned that Mr. Clever from COMPANY is giving some hints about a new business line or Mr. Gofigure has been appointed CFO with the COMPANY. This I may use to contact these people and make myself useful.

You may do the very same with each and every report available. Use your imagination to squeeze as much information as possible.

6. Will I experience slowness when selecting multiple keywords?

Since the reports need to narrow to a larger number of keywords, the process may take a bit more time as the number of keywords increases. Also consider that your internet connection may experience periods of slowness with direct impact on the speed of xtra-eye processing. Please, have a bit of patience and everything will work out just fine.

7. Why do I have the sources displayed on the report panel?

You may be interested in checking reports and correlations only within a selection of sources. All you have to do is select only those sources.

8. Are the reports accurate?

The reports are based on algorithms of extraction based on certain rules. They are accurate according to these rules. However, we are working on their improvement around the clock. If you encounter possible errors, please let us know.

9. Are the keywords-reports correlations accurate?

They are. However, if the news text has paragraphs which tend to distance from the main topic, some correlations may not be entirely useful. Some other times, xtra-eye searches within auxiliary text around the topic and this may result into irrelevant correlations. These are exceptions. In case you encounter such a situation, please remember that we are not responsible for the content which entirely belongs to the publisher and also that extraction by automatic means has its limitations.

10. May I suggest business titles to be processed by the "Business-related titles and acronyms" report in addition to the present ones?

Yes, you may. Please, send us a brief e-mail at like "New business title=". However, the decision to add your entity will be based on sales/business relevancy.

11. I noticed that longer names are not picked up by the "Names: people, organizations, titles etc" report. Why is that?

Indeed, more than 2 consecutive capitals are not extracted by the "Names: people, organizations, titles etc" report. Some sources have article names made of capitals even though there are no names within those titles. Therefore, if we extracted all capitals, we would provide non relevant results. We do not extract more than 2 consecutive capitals in order to stay relevant and not to waste your time.


1. What is the team?

Xtra-eye`s most important goals are to allow the creating of a relevant news flow by a sales team and to create informative habits within organization. Each member can add sources which benefit him and his colleagues. Also, each team member will be able to share useful information with one or more colleagues as well as can receive useful information from colleagues by the "share" option alongside any piece of news displayed.

2. Is there any way in which I may know when a colleague reads what I shared?

Yes, it is. Once read, your "shared by me" will be displaying a counter.

3. Is there any way to make sure I do not miss news "shared with me"?

Yes. There are two ways: once one of your colleagues shares a piece of news with you, your "shared with me" will be displaying a counter Also, at the end of the day, xtra-eye will send you an e-mail in case someone shared news with you.

4. What is the activity log?

This is a report chronologically listing the xtra-eye activity of each team member and it is only available to the manager of the main account.